7 Fun Things to do with Toddlers Outside

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If you have an active toddler, you know that you have to get outside with them and run some energy off before nap time, but you may not know what things to do with a toddler outside. Well, I’ve got you covered! We like to spend lots of time outdoors.

And since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time at home this summer, here are some easy and fun things to do with toddlers in your own backyard.

Things to Do With Toddlers Outside

1. Kiddie pool or sprinkler

These pools are the best for toddlers during the hot summer. Just add a couple of water toys from Dollar Tree. Even household items like a plastic cup and sponge can become fun toys for the kiddie pool.

You can even get in the pool with your toddler or sit in a chair outside the pool with your feet in the water while your little one plays.

Another option is to use a sprinkler. Both of my toddlers were a little hesitant to run through a sprinkler at first. So we turned the sprinkler down really low and let them run around it until they got used to them better.

Get a toddler pool for lots of outside fun this summer!

2. Sand box

These are relatively inexpensive to put together, but will bring lots of enjoyment to your little one. We put a few bags of sand in an old kiddie pool, but you could purchase an actual sand box with lid too.

A lid is pretty handy when it rains and also to keep out critters. Throw in a sand bucket and shovels from Dollar General and your toddler while have hours of fun this summer.

fill a kiddie pool with sand for an easy sandbox outdoors.

3. Swing

A toddler swing that is hung from a strong tree limb is such a fun activity for your little one. We use our swing almost every single day during the spring, summer, and fall months. It is worth the small investment to add to your outside equipment.

get a toddler swing for lots of outdoor fun.

4. Picnic

It is so much fun to bring lunch outside for something different. If you don’t have a picnic table, put a sheet on the deck or ground. Your toddler will probably giggle and have so much fun eating outside.

5. Scavenger hunt

You can have a formal scavenger hunt with a checklist of specific things to look for in nature or your neighborhood. Here’s a free outdoor scavenger hunt for kids and printable.

However, it’s fun to create your own scavenger hunt too. You could practice colors by having them look for things by color. You could practice vocabulary and learning by asking your toddler to find things that are rough or smooth or bumpy or big or small.

Have an outdoor scavenger hunt with your toddler.

6. Kick or throw a ball

Balls are an inexpensive toy that can be used for lots of fun outside. They are a great way to give your toddler practice with eye hand coordination and gross motor skills. A couple of our favorites are a kick ball and soccer ball.

7. Bubbles

There is something about bubbles that just makes a toddler so excited! They love chasing the bubbles around the yard and popping them. Get a big bottle of bubbles and you’ll be set for the summer. Or invest in a bubble maker so you don’t have to do any work!

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Things to do with toddlers outside this summer!

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