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Toddler Snack Ideas: Lots of Healthy Ideas!

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If you have a toddler, you know how important snacks are! At our house snacks are just as important as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have a snack in the mid morning and again in the mid afternoon after nap time.

There are a lot of toddler snacks available at the local grocery store, however, a lot of them are filled with sugar and don’t provide many healthy benefits. In this post, I’d like to share some different healthy options for you to feed your toddler. These are really simple and little to no prep.

Even if you have a one year old with little to no teeth, they should be able to eat most of these snacks. Of course, you’ll want to make sure things like carrots are cooked and soft.

Also, be sure to cut all the food into small bite size pieces. I even cut up grapes into quarter.

To give your little one a balanced diet, include 2-3 items from different categories for each snack. I also do this for simple toddler meals.

For example:

  • one grain – graham cracker
  • one fruit- strawberry slices
  • one dairy – cheese stick

Try not to offer a snack with 3 items all from the same category. For example, you wouldn’t want to serve 3 grains: a muffin, granola bar, and veggie straws.

Healthy Toddler Snack Ideas

Toddler Snack Ideas


  • granola bar
  • graham cracker – add a nut butter for protien
  • fruit and grain barGoldfish – get whole wheat for a healthy option
  • veggie chips or straws
  • avocado toast
  • homemade muffins
  • crackers – there are lots of healthy options


  • cooked potato slices or cubes
  • sweet potato fries
  • peas
  • corn
  • green beans
  • cooked carrots
  • raw carrots and humus – slice small so not a chocking hazard
healthy toddler snacks


  • yogurt covered raisins
  • cottage cheese
  • yogurt
  • pudding
  • cheese stick
  • cheese slice
  • cheese cubes


  • applesauce
  • any canned fruit in juice (pineapple, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges)
  • banana
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • apple slices
  • grapes
  • oranges
  • pears
  • mango
  • cantaloupe
  • watermelon
  • soft dried fruit (craisins, raisins)

If you want more ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, here are over 75 food ideas for 1 year olds.

Before you go, be sure to get the Free Balanced Mom Printable Pack and stop feeling overwhelmed at home.

As you plan out what to feed your 1 year old, it’s best to refer to a list of ideas. Otherwise your mind goes blank and you end up getting into a meal time rut!

I created an easy to use resource for you called FEEDING YOUR TODDLER. It is exactly what you need to take the stress out of feeding your 1 year old.

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Healthy Toddler Snacks

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