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How to Clean Dirty Sliding Door Tracks Easily!

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If your sliding glass doors are like mine, they get a lot of use and easily get dirty. It’s a place that often gets overlooked until you finally realize how gross they have gotten!

My kids use our sliding glass doors to go in and out all day long and with that, they bring in a ton of dirt.

So I recently cleaned our sliding door tracks and filmed the whole process for you. You can watch the video of me cleaning the sliding door tracks on YouTube or keep reading for the step by step instructions.

How to Clean Sliding Door Tracks

1. Vacuum out the door tracks.

Doing this will get rid of any loose debris and make cleaning up your door tracks much easier.

vacuum door tracks

vacuum door tracks

2. Spray the door tracks with multi-purpose cleaner.

I used a simple homemade cleaner of 2 tsp castile soap (that I get from Grove) and 2 cups of distilled water in my spray bottle. Whatever multi-purpose cleaner you want to use is fine, just be sure to saturate the entire door track. This will loosen up any dirt that is stuck and make it easier to wipe clean.

spray cleaner on door tracks to moisten dirt

3. Wipe the moistened dirt.

You can use a paper towel or old rag to wipe the door tracks clean. The moistened dirt should come up pretty easily if you saturated it with the cleaner. However, if it doesn’t come up at first, just spray again and let it sit for 30 seconds before wiping again.

wipe  down door tracks

4. Clean out the corners.

The hardest part to get clean will be the corners of your sliding door tracks, but certainly not impossible to get clean. You’ll want to use something that can get into the little crevices. Here are a few things you might want to try.

  • q-tip
  • knife
  • toothbrush

And that is it! Only 4 steps and you are done. I hope this has helped you get your sliding door tracks cleaned. If any you want any more clarification, be sure to watch the video – How to Clean Sliding Door Tracks.

clean sliding door track

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how to clean dirty sliding door tracks

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