How to Get Rest When You are a Tired Mom – 4 Simple Tips!

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Do you ever come across something and say, “YAAAAS!”

The other day I was poking around the home decor section at Gordman’s and saw this little sign with the best quote.

“If you get tired, learn to rest not quit.” 

But see here’s the deal, when you are a mom and busy woman in general, it can be really hard to know HOW to rest. In fact, resting may even seem laughable to you. 

Our society has glorified the term “busy” so that we even wear it as a badge of honor. But it is wearing us out and we have little to show for it. When you are tired, that is a sign that something’s got to change. You need to rest, not to give up. 

Learn to rest, so you can give the best of yourself to your family, home, and world. 

How to get the rest you need as a tired mom.

1. Schedule time for rest and sleep.

The first way to get more sleep is to commit to a bedtime for yourself. Most moms don’t get enough sleep and they blame it on the kids. But you actually have more control over the amount of sleep you get than you probably realize. Instead of staying up late after the kids go to bed, be sure to stick with a bedtime yourself, so that you are getting a decent night’s sleep.

You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Also, be sure to get your kids on a sleeping schedule. If they are on a regular bedtime routine, they’ll sleep better at night, and that means, you will too.

Another way to get rest during the day is while the kids take afternoon naps. If you have older kids who’ve outgrown naps, they can have quiet time for an hour or two.

2. Ask for help.

Talk to your spouse about a regular time that you can get away by yourself. You have to be intentional about this or it will never happen. So be sure to make a plan and then clearly communicate it to your husband.

You can also get the kids to help you around the house so that you aren’t the only one doing all the housework. Get the kids involved in household chores as much as they are able. Here’s how to get toddlers to do chores.

3. Eliminate the nonessential.

One way I keep my life balanced is by knowing what my priorities are and making sure my life reflects them.

When I feel tired it is usually because I’m spending too much time on things that I shouldn’t be doing. 

Is there anything that is taking up too much time in your life, but isn’t really a priority? Do your best to cut back in that area. 

4. Figure out what rejuvenates you, and do it.

Most people are either an introvert or an extrovert.

If you are an introvert, you feel energized when you get time to yourself. Like going for a walk, reading a book, journaling, working on a hobby alone. 

If you are an extrovert, you feel energized around people. Like calling a friend, moms night out, or throwing a party. Figure out what energizes you, and make time to do it. 

Only YOU can get the rest you need. 

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