4 Brilliant Ways To Wake Earlier In The Morning

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This is a guest post from Tabitha at The Mama Matters.

Waking earlier is an incredible gift that we can give ourselves and our children. It’s not all about having more time to check off a few more tasks, it’s all about programming our brain to have a fantastic day! 

However, the thought of getting less sleep and then prying yourself out of bed may feel overwhelming and impossible. Moms already feel sleep-deprived because we often struggle through nights with waking babies who are nursing or children need us in some other way it. 

In the dilemma of weighing the benefits of more sleep verses and early morning, more sleep often wins. The wild reality is that a proactive morning will empower us to have a better day- more so than a few more minutes of sleep! Here are some excellent tips for exactly how to roll out of bed and enjoy a few moments to yourself before the tiny tornadoes assault the silence.

Start small

We’re often stuck in the “go big or go home” mentality and assume that we have to wake hours before our kids to do all the things. However, there are remarkable benefits of waking even just 15 MINUTES before our kids! That’s all the time we need to wake in a proactive state where we can think freely and maybe even enjoy a HOT cup of coffee not only signals to us that we’re a priority, and we matter, too. 

In contrast, waking to a crying baby may wake us at a bad time in our sleep cycle. We may never have a moment to ourselves for the rest of the day, and we may dread and maybe even feel resentful that we were jolted from sleep for someone else’s needs. 

We wake to react to a hurricane of chaos that seems to spiral out of control as the day goes on. Replacing 15 minutes of sleep with time for yourself will make you feel more calm, patient, and grounded throughout the day. You’re welcome to build up to more time, but start with just 15 minutes!

Wake at the same time

Waking up at the same time each day is tremendously important! This makes it so that our subconscious brain knows approximately when we will be waking to start coming out of a sleep cycle. That’s how we feel the most rested and alert when your alarm goes off. 

It’s also crucial to PLAN for one or two days to sleep in to ensure that you are getting adequate sleep, too. Planning is essential because if you allow yourself to decide in the morning, you may hit the snooze.

No snooze

Whatever you do, do NOT hit the snooze button- on your alarm or your toddler. When we hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, we goof up our brain’s sleep cycle. Though technically gotten a few more minutes of rest, we can wake up feeling even more exhausted because we’ve wakened as our brain is trying to go back into a deeper sleep. That makes it not only more challenging to roll out of bed, but it also puts our mind in a fog for up to 3 to 4 hours! How are you supposed to have a fantastic day when your brain is literally in a fog for almost half of it?! 

5 Second rule

The instant you wake, count back from 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and hop out of bed immediately, without pausing to think about it. We humans act based on how we FEEL and not on logic. The night before, we know that logically we want to wake earlier, but when we wake up, we FEEL tired, and our bed is cozy, so we choose to go back to sleep instead. 

Counting back from 5 bypasses this by not giving our brain a time to think of excuses. You’re literally out of bed before you’ve had time to think about it. Mel Robbins has an outstanding book about the 5 Second Rule and the science behind why it works. 

It’s also a good idea to have something that you do immediately after you wake every time so that mindless habit helps reinforce carrying you out of bed and toward your day. I highly recommend drinking 8oz of water right away, as our bodies dehydrate throughout the night. Perhaps you’d prefer to have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you (set a timer on the pot the night before) or maybe immediately brush your teeth. Do whatever works best for you!

You don’t have to wake up hours and hours earlier to get some of the tremendous benefits of an early morning routine! Starting small waking just 15 minutes before your kiddos, waking at the same time, counting backward from 5, and rolling out of bed without hitting the snooze will set you up for a proactive and wonderful day!

If you’d like some more ideas on creating a simple yet powerful morning routine for happier days, head over to TheMamaMatters.com or follow us on the gram www.instagram.com/TheMamaMatters! Thank you so much, Emily, for having me as a guest!

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