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Cleaning Supplies Organization with a Cleaning Caddy

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In today’s post, I’m sharing my favorite way to organize my cleaning supplies that I use on a regular basis. The current supplies that I’m using mostly go into a cleaning caddy that I purschased from the Dollar Tree.

I also have some back up cleaning supplies in stock that I keep in my linen closet, but these are the specific one that I use to clean my bathrooms on a weekly basis. See my weekly cleaning routine here.

How to Keep the Cleaning Caddy Organized:

ONLY USE CURRENT CLEANING SUPPLIES: Make sure you go through your caddy on a regular basis and take out any supplies or tools that are duplicates or your aren’t currently using.

STORE DUPLICATES IN ANOTHER LOCATION: If you have extra cleaning products keep them in another location, so they don’t overfill your caddy and get in the way.

USE MULTI-SURFACE CLEANERS: When you use multi-surface cleaners and simplify your cleaning routine, you’ll need less supplies. This helps your cleaning caddy stay neat and organized.

Cleaning Products:

  • rubber gloves
  • toothbrush for cleaning little crevices
  • old rags for wiping down the toilet
  • scrub sponge
  • bristle scrub brush

What I Use the Cleaning Supplies for:

RUBBER GLOVES: I like to wear these to protect my hands. They are from Grove Collaborative. I used to buy rubber gloves from Walmart, but these ones from Grove are so durable, and I love using them.

TOOTHBRUSH: This toothbrush is used exclusively for the crevices in and around the toilet that are hard to get clean with just a rag or sponge.

OLD RAGS: These rags are used exclusively for wiping down the toilet so that I don’t cross contaminate.

SCRUB SPONGE: These sponges are the walnut sponges from Grove. They are second to my absolute favorite Scotch Brite Sponges (affiliate link). I use these sponges for scrubbing the bathroom sink, countertops, and shower walls.

BRISTLE SCRUB BRUSH: This brush is from Hobby Lobby. I love how pretty it is! I use it for scrubbing the bottom of the bathtub because it is a bumpy surface. The only way to get it clean is with a scrub brush.

Cleaning Supplies:

  • toilet cleaner
  • multipurpose cleaner DIY
  • Bonami powder
  • Pledge mulit-surface cleaner

What I Use the Cleaning Products for:

TOILET CLEANER: I spray this around the inner ring of the toilet first thing. That way it sits a little while and starts some cleaning action.

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: This is my DIY multi-purpose cleaner that I make from just 2 ingredients. I spray this on the outside and seat of the toilet and wipe clean. I also spray this on the walls of the shower and either wipe clean with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

BONAMI POWDER: This powder is one of my favorites for getting tough messes cleaned up. I sprinkle a little on the bottom of my tub and I also use it on my sink and countertops occasionally. It’s a great alternative to Comet. I also purchase Bonami through Grove.

PLEDGE MULTI-SURFACE: This product is great for dusting and also cleaning mirrors. I have been using it for probably 10 years now. It can be used on electronics as well as many other surfaces which makes dusting super easy!

So these are the items I keep in my cleaning caddy that I store in my hall linen closet. I also keep back up cleaners stored in the closet, and kitchen specific cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

Do you use a cleaning caddy? What do you keep in yours?

Have a clean house, dinner on the table, and time for family with the FREE BALANCED MOM CHECKLIST!


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