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How to Get Motivated to Clean

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When you are overwhelmed by the mess, it can be hard finding the motivation to clean your house. But having a clean house for you and your family is so important. So today, I’m sharing 3 of my favorite tips that I use when I can’t get motivated to clean my house.

I don’t think anyone automatically wakes up excited to clean the house. Instead, it’s a daily choice that has to be made and it all starts in the mind. So let’s jump into what helps motivate me and will help you too!

How to Get Motivated to Clean:

1. Understand WHY You are Cleaning.

When you know the reason behind what you are doing it motivates you even more becuase you have a purpose. This is true about so many things in life and can definelty be applied to cleaning the house too.

Make a list of reasons why you do specific cleaning tasks. Think of a specific cleaning task that you have a hard time getting motivated to do. What are the reasons why you do it?

Here’s a personal example: Cleaning the shower. (anybody else struggle with this?!)

  • my family uses it every day
  • it’s for the health of my family
  • it provides a clean place for my family to get ready every day
  • it’s easier to clean when I clean it on a regular basis

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2. Do an Easy Cleaning Task First.

You may be putting off a cleaning task because it feels difficult and in your mind you think it will take a long time to complete. Instead, think of a simple cleaning task you could do that doesn’t take a lot of effort but is still important. It could be something like putting your coffee mug in the dishwasher or wiping down the countertop.

When you start with something simple, it has a domino affect. Your mind and body are in motion which makes it easier to stay in motion, and it will be easier to take the next step.

3. Visualize a Clean Space.

One of my favorite things to do in the evenings after supper is to visualize a clean kitchen even when there are dirty dishes to be washed. I will literally stand in my kitchen and think about how clean my kitchen will look once I’m done.

I like to think about myself the next morning, walking into a clean kitchen and getting myself a hot cup of coffee without having the burden of dirty dishes or a messy countertop.

Read how to create an Evening Cleaning Routine here.

So what are you having a hard time getting motivated to clean? Think about what the space will look like afterwards. How will you be able to enjoy the clean space?

Really, once you get over the mindset hurdle and just start cleaning, you’ll gain the motivation you need. The cleaning task that you are putting off probably isn’t even going to take that long to complete!

You can do this!

Overwhelmed at home? Get ahead on the housework with the free MOTIVATED HOMEMAKER CHECKLIST!


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