How to Fix a Zipper that Came Off Track with One Simple Household Product!

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If you’ve ever tried to fix a zipper that came off track, you’ve quickly learned that you need a 3rd hand. Ha!

So since you don’t have a 3rd hand, it can feel impossible to fix a zipper that fell off. Today, I’m sharing a super simple, yet helpful tip for getting your zipper back on track.

Here’s the only thing you need: a fork. Yep, that’s it! The fork will act as a 3rd hand, but using a fork to fix a zipper may seem weird or confusing. So I’ll share how to do that with the following directions and pictures.

How to Fix a Zipper That Came Off Track

Slide the top of the zipper slider body unto the fork. I found it helpful to simply set the end of the fork against my tummy to support it and keep it from moving around.

Then add one end of the zipper teeth into one side of the slider. Next, add the other side of the zipper teeth to the other side of the slider while the fork is keeping the slider and zipper teeth in place.

After the zipper teeth are in the slider, pull the fork up and zip the zipper together.

I hope this tip has helped you save some frustration as you get your zipper back on track.

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