If You Have No Motivation to Clean the House, Do This Today!

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Cleaning a messy house may feel impossible, but it’s not. If you feel like you have no motivation to clean your house, there are reasons for feeling that way. In order to make changes and get your house clean, you have to understand why you lack the motivation.

So today, I’m sharing 3 reasons you have no motivation to clean and what you can do about it!

Reasons for No Motivation to Clean

1. You Have Too Much Clutter.

If your home has a lot of things in it that are not serving you, those things are clutter. All of that clutter is getting in the way and making it more difficult for you to clean. Think about the last time you vacuumed. Was it hard to do because of toys, piles of paper, or other random things?

You probably have no desire to dust because there is so much stuff and it feels like it would take forever to accomplish.

It’s simple math – more stuff you own, the more space it will take up and the more you have to clean.

Instead, get rid of the clutter that is not serving your family. Limit the amount of things you bring into your home, and you’ll find it easier to clean your home which will motivate you even more.

2. You Lack the Energy.

When you are feeling motivated to clean, one of the possible reasons is you haven’t been practicing self care. If you are constantly pouring yourself into your kids, running the errands, and other responsibilities, but you are not taking care of your needs, you’ll run out of energy.

And when you are short on energy, cleaning the house isn’t a priority. It’s one of the last things you feel like doing.

Instead, start incorporating basic self care habits into your life. Get the sleep you need. Drink enough water. Turn off the news! When you do things that energize you instead of draining your energy, you’ll feel motivated to clean hour house.

3. You Have No Daily Cleaning Routines.

If you are not staying on top of little messes each day with daily cleaning routines, those little messes become huge, overwhelming messes. It’s much harder to get motivated to clean big messes than it is small messes.

For example, if you put off doing the dishes all week, you’ll have an enormous amount of dirty dishes to wash at the end of the week. However, if you stay on top of the dishes each day, you’ll never have a giant pile of dirty dishes that you have to talk yourself into doing.

When you establish simple daily cleaning habits, you deal with small messes before they get out of control. Some of the most important daily cleaning habits are laundry, dishes, and general tidy up.

You can read more here: 4 Daily Habits for a Tidy Home.

If you are overwhelmed at home, be sure to get The Motivated Homemaker Checklist, and get ahead on the housework!

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