Emily Wilson

Emily Blogs at Queen of the Household where she encourages women by sharing what she is learning as a mom and wife. She also shares practical ways that she saves her family money and tips for managing and decorating the home on a budget. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!


Hospital bag checklist FREE PRINTABLE This is a simple list of what you really need!

  Our little girl will be here before we know it! My hospital bag has been packed since about week 35, and this 2nd time around I feel like I know exactly what I need.   With my first child, I packed things I didn’t use, and didn’t pack things that I wish I had!



The kitchen cabinet above my sink needed some desperate organization and decluttering. It had become a collection spot for clutter and miscellaneous items and I was having a hard time getting to the things that I needed. That was a clear sign that it was time to make some changes! I love doing little projects


How to Save Money on Kid's Clothes

  Shopping for kid’s clothes doesn’t have to a cost a ton of money. I’ve learned a few “tricks” over the past few years that have saved us a ton! By the way, I shared a new YouTube video of some of the deals I scored for our newborn baby. So check that out after


Living Room Tour

Our living room isn’t picture perfect and probably never will be. But we enjoy spending time in this space and it is comfortable to us. I’ve recently made some changes to the room and shared them in this video. I hope you enjoy the tour!   Products Mentioned (affiliate links): Curtains Curtain rod (similar)


Inexpensive Tile Grout Cleaner, Cleaning Hack

  The tile grout in my kitchen used to be SO dirty. It’s almost embarrassing! I tried so many different ideas from other blogs via Pinterest that never seemed to work. Well, I finally figured out an inexpensive way to clean my grout using a Dollar Tree squirt bottle and scrubber and I’m sharing all


Household Cleaning uses for Vinegar

Have you ever wondered how to use vinegar besides just for coloring Easter eggs? Today I’m sharing a video with some simple ways I use vinegar in my home. I started using it on a regular basis about 4 years ago. After trying out lots of different uses, these are the four ways that I