Homemaking Resources

This page is full of the best homemaking resources you can find on the internet! Books, websites, and YouTube channels all about saving money, time management, organizing and decluttering, and decorating.

Welcome! This page is dedicated to my favorite resources. I only recommend resources that I wholeheartedly use and find extremely helpful.

1. Saving Money

Lydia Senn (YouTube)

Lydia and her husband paid off $36,000 of debt in two years so she knows what frugal living is all about.

I discovered her channel shortly after I became a stay at home mom and wondered if we were going to make it financially. Her videos helped me realize that thriving while living frugally is possible!

 Living Well, Spending Less* by Ruth Soukup

This book is FULL of practical ways to cut back on the budget, but it is also full of encouragement to live a full life while spending less.

I cannot recommend it enough! Your local library probably has this book because it is really popular.

Resources for Saving Money

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2. Organization and Decluttering

Do It on a Dime (YouTube)

Katheryn of Do It on a Dime LOVES the Dollar Tree and shares all kinds of ways to easily organize with their containers. She also shares simple organization and decluttering ideas.

Make Room for What You Love* by Melissa Michaels

I cannot recommend this book enough! After reading the popular book, The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up, I was disappointed and wanted ideas for dealing with daily clutter and how to stop bringing in more clutter to my home. Make Room for What You Love was the answer to those issues!

Resources for Organizing and decluttering

Unstuffed* by Ruth Soukup

If you have kids and paperwork, this book is for you! Ruth shared lots of practical tips for dealing with kids toys and paperwork. I loved this book.

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 3. Time Management

How Jen Does It (YouTube)

Jen has a heart for homemaking and helping other ladies. She also shares great tips for keeping a tidy home with kids.

Say Good-bye to Survival Mode* by Crystal Paine

After reading this book, I was able to clearly define where my time needed to go and how to keep my life balanced. It is a must read for busy moms and wives!

Time Management Resources

Eat That Frog* by Brian Tracy

This book is a super fast read and full of to the point tips for maximizing your time. Using Brian’s time management methods has helped me spend the time I need with my family and helped me accomplish my blog goals.

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4. Home Decorating

DIY Mommy (YouTube)

Christina from the DIY Mommy has all kinds of beautiful spaces in her home that she and her husband built.

I love how she pulls a space together and shares practical ways to decorate.

The Nesting Place* by Myquillyn Smith

This book literally transformed my home. Myquillyn share not just how to decorate your home but why you should decorate your home no matter where you live.

If you have ever struggled to find contentment with your home, this book is for you!

Home Decorating Resources

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If you have any questions about these resources, feel free to email me!