We are attatched to our phones, but sometimes it is good to put them down and connect with the real people in our lives.

Phone scrolling: thumbs running up and down, head bent down, eyes intently focused on the screen held in the hand. I’m guilty of it, and I see it everywhere I go. One of the most common places I see it is during wait times: at the doctor’s office, at a restaurant, even in the car


My Phone Free Day

I’ve noticed something about myself now that I am a SAHM that I don’t like to admit.  I’m on my phone during the day way more than I should be! When I worked I was hardly ever on my phone, but being home without adult interaction and no set schedule, I find that I pick


Are you thinking about becoming a SAHM, but are not sure if your family can afford it Check out the 6 ways that I save my family money just by staying home with my son!

After I did the budget for the month, I had a little pity-party for myself. Don’t get me wrong, God continues to supplies all our needs and even wants. We never have to skip our weekly chicken biscuits at Chic-fil-a on Saturday mornings! But I thought that if only I could contribute to the household