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Lots of ideas and tips for frugal living and saving money on everyday things.


Use basic vegetables and fruit as side dishes to make meal planning simple.

Saving money on the grocery bill doesn’t just happen at the store. There are things that I do on a regular basis after I get home from the store that save us money. Each of these habits takes a little extra work, but they are all worth it to me.   1. Package meat in


DIY Cowboy Costume for toddler boy

I had no idea how much money could be spent on fall activities until I became a parent! Costumes, candy, festivals, pumpkins, baking, parties, you name it! It all adds up pretty fast. I want to find ways to save because little savings here and there add up to big savings over all. Having fun


The Reason We Can Afford for Me to be a SAHM and live on one income comfortably

  When I tell others that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I often hear working moms say that I am “lucky to be able to stay home.” I always respond with a smile, and tell them that I am so thankful to stay home, but what I really want to say is, “Honey, luck ain’t got


4 Ways to Save on Toddler Clothes

With the cooler months quickly approaching, I have been getting my son’s fall and winter wardrobe together. He had been given a few outfits and shirts already, but I needed to get some more clothes to fill in the gaps. If you would like to see a few more pieces that I found, check out


10 Ways to Save Money on Baby Items

  Many couples believe that they have to wait to have children until they can afford them. But the truth is children don’t have to be expensive. This past year I have saved thousands of dollars on baby costs, and you can too! 1. Borrow Chances are you know someone who has recently had a