Manage your time better by implementing daily and weekly routines. Check out these free time management printables!


Make toddler chores easy by putting hooks low enough for children to reach them in order to put their belongings away.

  One of the biggest lessons I have learned since becoming a mom is that everything worth learning takes time and practice. Teaching children how to be responsible for their chores takes time and lots of repetition. My son is 2 years old and getting him to do his chores has taken months and months


Get organized this school year with a homework station for your kids!

When I was a teacher, one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each school year was to hand out apples to the parents at orientation. The apples had little notes on them that said, “An apple for the teacher is really nothing new. But here’s an apple for the parent because


Morning Routines don't have to be complicated!

  After becoming a mom, I realized that starting the morning off right was one of the best things I could do for a productive day. Several months ago, I shared my detailed morning routine. I LOVE knowing what I need to accomplish every morning, however, there are some days that I don’t get it


Simple Evening Routine + a FREE printable to make your own from Queen of the Household.

For several years, my mornings were hectic and stressful because I didn’t follow an evening routine. After dinner, I left the dirty dishes in the sink which meant I had to clear a way through the dishes in order to fill up the coffee pot with water the next morning. If I needed a bowl


Find out why and how I'm going to bed early.

In January I had big plans to start getting up 30 minutes earlier than my son at 6:00. Well, it didn’t happen! Our household passed around the cold and flu bugs for most of January which meant that I didn’t get great sleep at night, and I was worn out. Besides that, I wasn’t going


How to create a simple morning routine plus a free printable from Queen of the Household.

  When I worked outside the home, I usually hit the snooze button 3-4 times before getting out of bed and then rushed around getting ready. With seconds to spare I would race out the front door, coffee in one hand and fumbling for my keys with the other. It wasn’t until I became a