Keep track of Household Routines with a Bloom Daily Planner.

Do you ever wonder how to create household routines that work and you actually stick with? Routines are super important when it comes to running a household and staying organized. Routines helped me become a more confident and less stressed mom and homemaker. But what if you have tried following routines in the past and


We Moved from Florida to Nebraska

This week’s post is different from usual. I love sharing practical home management tips with you most of the time, but today I’m giving you a little behind the scenes look at some changes in my life lately so you realize that YES, there is a real person behind this blog. 🙂 Last week my


Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

 If you are anywhere on the internet this week, you have probably heard about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and wondered if is it right for you. The first time I ever heard about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was in 2015, and honestly I thought it was a scam. There was such a hype about it