Salt Dough Recipe for Ornaments and Handprints

My kids and I made ornaments and handprints with this salt dough recipe the other day. We had a lot of fun doing this simple, inexpensive activity together. These salt dough ornaments do take time. We even broke the process up into a couple of days and stretched out the fun! Salt Dough Recipe for … Read more

Christmas Gift List Printable -FREE!

One of the best ways to stay organized this Christmas is with a Christmas gift list printable. You can keep all of the names of people you want to give gifts to in one place along with gift ideas and how much money you spend on each of the gifts. You’ll also want to keep … Read more

Overcoming Christmas Stress

3 SIMPLE STEPS to reduce Christmas Stress. If you are looking for ways to stay sane during the holiday season, this is for you! #christmas #simple #stress #printable

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but it can often feel like the most stressful time of year! I used to get super stressed out at Christmas time even before having kids! But 5 years ago, I accidentally learned how to reduce Christmas stress. I was just getting over hypermesis … Read more


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