Living on One Income


10 Ways to Save Money on Baby Items

  Many couples believe that they have to wait to have children until they can afford them. But the truth is children don’t have to be expensive. This past year I have saved thousands of dollars on baby costs, and you can too! 1. Borrow Chances are you know someone who has recently had a


How to Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

This past year I started making my own cleaning supplies. I started out by using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the mirrors and windows in our home. Slowly, I have added several DIY cleaning supplies to my list.   Laundry Soap I love this no-grate soap by Budget 101. If you have


Need to cut your grocery budget quickly? Find out how to cut your grocery budget instantly!

We all know that we need to shop the sales, use coupons, and eat from the pantry and freezer to save money on groceries. But even being faithful to do all of these, you still may need to cut your grocery bill. You can cut your bill instantly by simply DIYing several of the items