Overcoming Christmas Stress

3 SIMPLE STEPS to reduce Christmas Stress. If you are looking for ways to stay sane during the holiday season, this is for you! #christmas #simple #stress #printable

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but it can often feel like the most stressful time of year! I used to get super stressed out at Christmas time even before having kids! But 5 years ago, I accidentally learned how to reduce Christmas stress. I was just getting over hypermesis … Read more

How to Simplify Christmas

Simplify Christmas by being intentional.

My favorite time at Christmas is the Christmas Eve candlelight service. I love when all the candles are lit and everyone sings “Silent Night”. It is such a calm moment, and it almost feels like time stands still. That feeling is such a contrast to all of the hustling and bustling during the month of … Read more

Why I Embrace Getting Older

I used to dread getting older, and I would keep my age a secret. My attitude about getting older changed after my 6th year of teaching. That year I had a student named Colton in my class. He was energetic, friendly, and always willing to help. He loved to tell me what he had done … Read more


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