How to Keep a Clean House with a Toddler

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Wondering how keep a house clean with a toddler? Here is your answer! It is possible to have a clean and tidy house even with young kids. #toddler #clean #home

Toddlers make messes, but that doesn’t mean you have to have live in a mess. Here’s how to keep a clean house with a toddler.   I’ve heard it said that cleaning a house with a toddler is like brushing your teeth and then eating Oreos. That is so true! Sometimes keeping a house clean with […]


Kid’s Consignment Tips

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kids consignment tips

If you don’t like paying retail for clothes your kids will wear for a few months, shopping kid’s consignment sales and stores are perfect for getting your kids clothes at a great price. Most of my kid’s clothes come from our local consignment store, Once Upon a Child. But I’ve also shopped other consignment stores […]


How to Build a Kid’s Wardrobe

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Find out how to build a simple kid's wardrobe with these 3 steps. Yep, it only takes 3 steps to create a wardrobe that works for your children. #kids #mom #clothes #simple This is how to build a kid's wardrobe.

This post is part of a 3 part series all about simplifying your kid’s wardrobe. In this post I’m sharing how to build a kid’s wardrobe, next I’ll share tips for shopping kid’s consignment stores, and last I’ll share how I organize my kids’ clothes. Building a Kid’s Wardrobe used to overwhelm me. I was constantly […]

Home Management

Kid’s Toy Organization

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KID'S Room Organization, Ideas and tips for organizing kid's clothes and toys

Oh toys! My son loves them. I love that he loves them. But they can be a pain too. Between birthdays, Christmas, and even just other random times throughout the year, toys can easily pile up and take over. Here are a few tips I use for keeping my son’s toys under control.   Keep […]