Toddler Tips

Toddlers are so much fun! They can also leave you feeling exhausted and confused. 

That’s why I love sharing some of the best tips I’ve learned over the years. I want you to really enjoy your time with your toddler. 

Queen of the Household (this blog that you are reading right now!) is mostly for stay at home moms to young children. When you are at home most of the day with a toddler, you may wonder how on earth you are supposed to keep them entertained. Oh, and get the laundry done and cook supper all while making sure your little one is safe and happy. 

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! 

I’m a stay at home mom of 2 energetic kids. A four year old boy and one year old girl. At first motherhood had me questioning my sanity and I often ended the days in tears. BUT –

I’ve learned to really love being a mom and taking care of my home and kids. I love sharing simple, practical tips that you can use right away to enjoy your home life more. And one of those things is Toddler Tips. 

My goal is to add to this page as I come up with more ideas so that I can make you and your toddler’s lives easier. So far, here are some of my best posts. 


Yes, toddlers can create a huge mess in less than a second. It’s their super power! But that doesn’t mean that you have to live in a constant state of mess and chaos.

Here are super simple tips for keeping your house clean even though you have a toddler. 

Wondering how keep a house clean with a toddler? Here is your answer! It is possible to have a clean and tidy house even with young kids. #toddler #clean #home

SIMPLE TODDLER BEDTIME ROUTINE (so they actually sleep!)

I’ll be honest. I didn’t realize the power of routines until my firstborn was one year old. We didn’t put him on a bedtime or sleeping routine when he was a baby and he was a HORRIBLE sleeper! 

Then around 13 months I decided to follow a bedtime routine and regular nap time. He started sleeping all the night through! It felt like a miracle!

Ever since then, both of my kids follow bedtime and nap routines, and they both sleep great. 


Here’s a list of 9 things I do each day with my toddler. Really, they are simple activities that we both enjoy. None of them require preparation or busy bags. 

They are simple activities that we enjoy doing each day. This way I’m spending time with my kids, getting my chores done, and teaching my toddler new things. 

Toddler Activities | 9 Activities I Do With My Toddler Every Day


Toddlers are some of the most eager helpers. Capitalize on that and start teaching them how to do chores at an early age. 

My one year old started putting her toys away as soon as she was able to walk, and at 15 months, she even carries her plate and spoon to the kitchen sink. 

Does she do it perfectly? No. But she is learning how to be responsible and be a part of our household. 

It takes patience and lots of repetition, but your toddler CAN do chores

How to get your toddler to do chores. Yes, toddlers can learn how to do chores as you teach them. Here are simple things you can do plus chore ideas for your little toddler to start doing. #toddler #chores #parenting


Holidays are so much fun with kids. Even though your toddler doesn’t understand everything that is going on, they will still love experiencing all the activities and traditions.

One of our favorite traditions is Easter baskets. Here is a super simple idea for filling up your toddler’s Easter basket.

Simple Ideas for Toddler Easter Baskets


Do you want to know how to feed your toddler healthy, balanced meals?

I’ve got you covered! If your mind usually goes blank when meal planning for your toddler, here’s a huge list of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas. Along with some pictures and extra tips for feeding your one year old. 

Does your mind go blank when coming up with toddler meal ideas? Check out this extensive list of Toddler food ideas! #mealplan #mealideas #toddler #mealplan