How to Fix a Zipper that Came Off Track with a Fork

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My son handed me his backpack when I picked him up yesterday, and said, “The zipper came off.” I tried so hard to get that zipper back on, but nothing seemed to work.

I quickly learned I needed a 3rd hand. Ha!

So since I didn’t have a 3rd hand, I figured out a trick to help get the zipper back on track.

Here’s the only thing you need: a fork. Yep, that’s it!

The fork will act as a 3rd hand, but using a fork to fix a zipper may seem weird or confusing. So I’ll share how to do that with the following directions and pictures.

How to Fix a Zipper That Came Off Track

1. Attach the zipper slider to the prongs on the fork.

Slide the top of the zipper slider body unto the fork. I found it helpful to simply set the end of the fork against my tummy to support it and keep it from moving around.

Here’s a side view of the zipper slider on the fork.

2. Feed the zipper teeth into one side of the slider.

Add one end of the zipper teeth into one side of the slider. This may take a little work, but shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Feed the other side of teeth through the other side of the slider.

The fork will act as a 3rd hand and keep the slider and zipper teeth in place. I did have to push the handle end of the fork against my tummy to hold it in place as I put the teeth through the slider.

This was a little tricky and I had to be patient. So take your time, and eventually you’ll get the zipper teeth through the fork.

Here’s another view of me putting using the fork to feed the teeth trough the slider.

4. Pull the zipper together.

After the zipper teeth are in the slider, pull the fork up and zip the zipper together.

I hope this tip has helped you save some frustration as you get your zipper back on track.

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One thought on “How to Fix a Zipper that Came Off Track with a Fork

  1. Thank you so much for the help! I have a bag where the zipper broke which is so frustrating! The worst part is that I had some fragile items in my bag and they dropped in the kitchen and broke! So now my area rug is stained!!!! The good news is that I found a cleaner to do anarea rug cleaning for me. Anyway, thanks for helping me fix the zipper!

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