How to Clean a Messy Bedroom (Step by Step)

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Do you ever look around at your messy bedroom and think, “Where do I even start?”

Or maybe your child has a really messy bedroom. It’s easy for a room to get out of hand and start to feel overwhelming.

You may think it will take all day to clean, but you can actually clean a messy room fast. The key is staying focused on the task and knowing what steps to take.

So today, I’m going to share with you my step by step process for messy room cleaning.

1. Make bed.

This is where I always start. It’s an easy thing to do and it makes a big impact on the tidiness of the room.

So start by making your bed. If there are things on your bed, taking them off. If your bed sheets need changed, you can do that at this time too.

2. Put dirty clothes in hamper.

Most likely there are dirty clothes spread throughout your room. Walk around your entire room and pick up any clothes that need to be washed.

If you have a full load, go ahead and throw it in the washing machine.

3. Hang clean clothes up.

Do you have clean clothes that need to be put away? If you have clothes that are sitting out on your dresser or the “clothes chair”, hang them up in your closet or put them in the dresser drawers.

4. Clear out under bed.

You will probably be amazed at how many things have escaped under your bed!

You’ll have to get down on your hands and knees and pull everything out from under your bed. If there’s a lot, it may be easier to push the bed over and pick up whatever is on the floor.

While the bed is moved, this is a good time to run a vacuum over the carpet or sweep the hardwood floor.

5. Throw away trash.

There is bound to be trash lying around your room. Wether it is wrappers, reciepts, old envelopes, and papers, broken toys, water bottles, or just things that you no longer need.

Walk around with a small trash can or a plastic grocery bag and gather all the trash you can find.

6. Clear off dresser.

Now let’s move to your dresser. Flat surfaces are a magnet for clutter and messes. So your dresser probably needs some attention.

You may have already cleared off some things in the previous steps, but in this step be sure to completely clear off the dresser of anything that doesn’t belong.

Be ruthless with knick knacks. Only keep the items that you love or use. Everything else needs to be put away.

7. Clear off nightstand.

Next, move on to your night stand. This is another flat surface that has probably collected items that don’t belong.

Throw trash away. File papers. Put books on the bookshelf. Ect.

8. Put toys and belongings away.

Everything in your home should have a place to go. If there are things out on your floor or lying on your dresser and getting in the way, you need to find a place for those things to go.

Kids’ toys can get out of hand and quickly overrun your child’s bedroom.

If your child has a hard time cleaning their messy bedrooms because of all the toys, you should do a quick decluttering. Pull out any toys that don’t get played with often, are broken, or are only causing clutter.

You can donate this items or just box them up and put them in the garage or basement for a little while.

If your child hasn’t wanted the toys back after 6 months, get rid of them!

But it’s not just the kids that have extra belongings sitting around. Sometimes it’s we adults too!

If you have time to declutter, go for it. Otherwise, you can plan to go through your things at a later time.

9. Dust surfaces.

At this point, your dift bedroom should be looking pretty good! The last couple of things to do are the finishing steps.

Spray a microfiber cloth with a dusting spray. Start in one corner of your room and work your way around your entire room wiping down any surfaces, knick knacks, or wall decor.

10. Vacuum or sweep.

The very last step is to clean the floors. If you have carpeted floors or a rug, throughly vacuum. For hardwood floors, you’ll need to sweep and mop.

How to Keep a Room Clean

Now that your room is clean, it’s important to keep it that way! Here’s what you can do to keep your room from getting really messy again.

  • put dirty clothes in hamper each day
  • throw trash away immediatley
  • put clean clothes away daily
  • put away belongings after using them
  • make bed every morning
  • maintain a weekly dusting and vacuuming routine

These daily habits will help you keep your room clean so that you can quickly clean your room next time.

If your whole house is a mess, be sure to check out how to clean an overwhelmingly, messy house here.

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