Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

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One of the best ways to teach your kids both responsibility and team work is through age appropriate chores. Ever since my two kids have been able to walk, they have been doing chores.

Here’s ideas for getting your toddler to do chores!

It’s important to start training your children to help around the house and to be responsible for cleaning up their messes as soon as possible. No matter what age your children are, now is the best time to begin expecting them to help around the house.

If you’re not sure what are the age appropriate chores for your kids, then I’ll be sure to share a run down in this post. But here is my rule of thumb when assigning chores to my kids.

Getting kids to do chores

1. Stop doing your kid’s chores.

If I’m doing something my kids can do for themselves, I stop doing it and add it to their chore responsibility.

Here’s a quick example: When my son was a toddler, I was clearing his plate from the table. One day, it occurred to me that he was perfectly capable of carrying his plate to the kitchen and putting it on the counter.

So over the next week, after every meal, he practiced clearing his plate, and eventually it became a habit.

No matter what age your children are, get thoughtful about the things that you are doing for them which they could be doing for themselves. It could be as simple as putting their shoes away, putting their clean laundry away, or picking up toys. You shouldn’t be the only one cleaning up after everyone else!

2. Practice the chores with your kids.

Getting kids to consistently follow through on their chores takes lots of repetition and patience from Mom and Dad.

You cannot tell a one year old to pick up their toys and expect them to do it every day. You have to be right there with them and train them.

This takes extra effort. It’s so much easier to just pick up the toys yourself, especially if you want it done quickly. But remember you are training your kids to take responsibility for their belongings, and it takes time.

With those two things in mind, let’s jump into specific chores for your kids.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids


Ages 1-3

  • pick up toys (make it easy)
  • put dirty clothes in hamper
  • put away shoes
  • clear plate and cup from the table

Ages 4-6

  • pick up toys
  • put dirty clothes in hamper
  • put away shoes
  • clear plate, cup, silverware, and napkin from the table
  • make bed
  • sweep and/or vacuum

Ages 7-10

  • pick up toys
  • make bed
  • put dirty clothes in hamper
  • put away shoes, backpack, and lunch box
  • put clean laundry away
  • Put personal dinner dishes in dishwasher.
  • take out trash or recycling
  • wipe down dinner table
  • feed pets

Ages 11 and Up

  • Keep room tidy – bed made, picked up, clothes in hamper
  • Responsible for personal belongings – shoes, backpacks, ect.
  • help with laundry
  • help with dishes
  • keep bathroom clean


The chores you assign to your children, will be specific to you and your family dynamic. I personally, want my kids to learn basic homemaking skills like cleaning, cooking, and yard work.

But I won’t expect them to do the dishes every night or mow the grass every weekend. They will help with these things, but ultimately, the house belongs to my husband and me.

We are the ones who will continue to make sure our house is taken care of by doing the majority of the housework, cooking, and yard work. Our kids will help to gain skills they can use in the future in their own homes.

The main chores my kids will always be expected to do will be associated with their personal belongings: Putting away their shoes, bags, toys, laundry, taking care of their rooms, ect.

I hope this list has been helpful as you decide what are the age appropriate chores for your kids.

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