50 Things for Stay at Home Moms to Do to Beat Boredom!

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Being a stay at home mom is a wonderful job, but some days are downright boring!

I’ve found that if I don’t have a plan to do something, I’ll find myself sitting on the couch, scrolling my phone.

This means I don’t get much done, and I feel badly about myself.

So instead, I like to have a list of ideas for those days. That way I feel more productive and have fun which makes me a better mom to my kids!

Here are 50 things you can do too!

Things for stay at home moms to do.

Things to do for yourself:

1. Start a new hobby. Here’s a list of over 30 hobby ideas for stay at home moms.

2. Make a wreath for the front door or another fun craft.

3. Do an exercise video on YouTube. Lucy’s exercise channel is my favorite!

4. Read a book or listen to an audiobook.

5. Learn a new recipe.

6. Paint your finger nails or toe nails.

7. Use a facial mask.

8. Start an Etsy store. This is my Etsy store!

9. Listen to a podcast.

10. Make an iced coffee just for yourself!

11. Go thrifting.

12. Go for a walk. The kids can come too!

Things to do with your kids:

One of the best, albeit challenging, things about being a stay at home mom is being with your kids all day. It’s awesome that you get to be apart of their lives and let them know they are loved and valued.

But that doesn’t mean you have to only do “kid” activities. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy doing just as much as your kids!

13. Visit a new park.

14. Invite a friend over for coffee or lunch.

15. Take muffins or cookies to your neighbors. 

16. Go for a walk around the neighborhood.

17. Bake cookies, bread, muffins, ect.

18. Plant a garden, flower bed, or containers.

19. Visit a local museum.

20. Go for a hike at a nearby park.

21. Visit a flower garden.

22. Go to the zoo.

23. Go to the pool.

24. Visit an indoor playground at the mall or a fast food place.

25. Have a picnic at home or at a park.

26. Host a cookie decorating party with other moms and their kids.

27. Do a craft with your kids. Some of my favorite ones are one page printable crafts. The only supplies are printing paper, crayons, scissors, and glue!

28. Play a board game.

29. Put a puzzle together.

Here are more places to take your toddler as a stay at home mom.

Things to do in your home:

30. Print pictures from your phone and hang them up in a gallery wall.

31. Paint an accent wall or an entire room that needs a change.

32. Declutter clothes from your closet or your kid’s closets.

33. Declutter and organize the garage.

34. Organize the junk drawer. We all have them!

35. Paint the front door a new color.

36. Clean off the front porch or back deck.

37. Deep clean an area of the home that hasn’t been done in awhile. Here’s a cleaning checklist to help you keep up with the cleaning.

38. Start that project you’ve been putting off!

Things to do for money.

39. Flip furniture and sell online or at markets.

40. Babysit.

41. Walk dogs.

42. Clean other people’s houses.

43. Create digital prints to sell online.

44. Knit or Crochet and sell online.

45. Teach English online.

46. Make jewlery and sell.

47. Create frozen meals and sell.

48. Tutor children.

49. Teach music lessons.

50. Sell art on Etsy.

Here are more tips for stay at home moms:

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